You’ve done 100 crunches, 50 squats, 35 lunges, 20 push-ups, and 4 minutes of planking multiple times per week but, somehow, those elusive six-packs, defined arms, and sculpted buttocks refuse to make an appearance. The evasive nature of these muscular formations can be extremely frustrating for patients who have implemented several lifestyle changes to improve their overall physical appearance and emotional well-being. Fortunately, advances in cosmetic medicine have led to the advent of minimally-invasive, FDA-approved treatments that can maximize your diet and exercise efforts to help you achieve your ideal body contour.

Muscle sculpting treatments offered include:

truSculpt flex is a non-invasive muscle sculpting treatment that provides clinically-proven results that are tailored to your personal aesthetic goals. The device’s proprietary multi-directional stimulation technology harnesses the energy of electrical currents to induce intense and rapid contractions of the muscles. A single session of this super-powered, electricity-based workout is equivalent to performing several thousand crunches, squats, lunges, or push-ups. The efficacy of this painless, brief truSculpt flex treatment maximizes muscle tone to provide you with the defined arms, abdomen, or buttocks you desire. As the name implies, this device has a flexible treatment modality, enabling practitioners to treat multiple muscle groups in one session such as the abdomen and arms. Since truSculpt® flex has multiple applicators it's also possible to treat multiple patients at the same time making it an ideal treatment for couples or friends seeking simultaneous treatment.

In contrast to truSculpt flex, EMSCULPT utilizes electromagnetic energy to stimulate powerful, repetitive muscle contractions. This magnetic stimulation causes 20,000 voluntary contractions of your muscle groups in a 30 minute session. Based on the initial clinical studies by the parent company BTL, these contractions contributed to a 16% increase in muscle tone, when done over 4 sessions during two consecutive weeks.

Whether it's the rock-hard abs, Adonis-like arms, or apple-bottom derriere you seek, we will work with you as a team to transform your aesthetic goals into reality.

To find out if a muscle sculpting treatment can enhance your body’s contour, visit Dr. Hooman Khorasani at our New York City practice. To request a consultation, text message us securely, or contact our Manhattan office by phone at 347-574-8500.

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How can I define and tone my arms, abdomen, and buttocks?

Lifestyle modifications such as a healthy diet and regular exercise are helpful in sculpting the muscles of your arms, abdomen, and buttocks; however, there are many other factors that contribute to the shape, size, and definition of your muscular contours. Genetics is one such culprit, along with the natural aging process. Since the determinants of your muscle characteristics are multifactorial, healthy habits may not be enough to produce the silhouette you desire.

In recent years, muscle sculpting technologies have revolutionized the body contouring industry. Cosmetic medicine can now complement your healthy lifestyle to help you overcome these additional factors that cannot be compensated for with diet and exercise alone. Committed to providing the least invasive and most effective procedures to his patients, Dr. Khorasani is pleased to offer truSculpt flex and EMSCULPT to define your musculature in a manner that compliments your natural contours. Each treatment recommendation is tailored to each patient to account for your specific health profile and lifestyle constraints while simultaneously maximizing your aesthetic results.

Please see below for a summary of the innovate, non-invasive muscle sculpting treatments available at our offices.

What is truSculpt flex®?

TruSculpt flex is a highly precise muscle sculpting device that utilizes electrical currents to directly stimulate rapid, intense contractions of the treatment area. Using truSculpt flex’s proprietary technology, this electricity is specifically targeted to the muscle groups that will maximally enhance your body’s contour. A series of four to six brief treatments with this powerful device yields, on average, a 33% increase in muscle mass.

Aside from its clinically-proven efficacy, truSculpt flex treatments are tailored to the needs of each patient. Eight individual handpieces allow for muscle contouring that is customized to the individual curves of your body and, if desired, targeting multiple areas simultaneously. Additionally, the electrical current intensity can be adjusted and redirected to most accurately mimic the muscular contractions induced by traditional exercise.

The result? Defined, toned muscles that naturally compliment your particular silhouette.

Prep Mode

This mode is equivalent to pre-workout stretching creating a twisting motion to warm up the muscle and slowly build tolerance to more intense contractions.

Tone Mode

This mode is similar to workouts that increase core strength and muscle endurance. The muscle group is contracted to the point of exhaustion and then relaxed in order to increase strength and endurance.

Sculpt Mode

This mode is analogous to an intense exercise that has the ability to break down muscle fibers and build muscle mass.

What is EMSCULPT®?

EMSCULPT is a patented high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy (HIFEM), which activates the musculature to powerfully and quickly contract the muscle. The broad-coverage of HIFEM energy also induces destruction of the fat collections surrounding the treated muscles. These combined sculpting effects facilitate, on average, a 16% increase in muscle mass and a 15% reduction in fat*.

The impressive body contouring results of EMSCULPT are further enhanced by the overall treatment experience. Each pain-free session requires approximately thirty minutes to complete, during which time your muscles will have undergone thousands of contractions that are roughly equivalent to 20,000 squats or crunches. Consequently, this gentle and effective device is capable of enhancing your curves while still leaving you enough time to grab a healthy meal during your lunch break.

*Results verified by manufacturer

FAQ's About Muscle Sculpting

Am I a good candidate for muscle sculpting with truSculpt flex or EMSCULPT?
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What results will I see from muscle sculpting with truSculpt flex or EMSCULPT?
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Why choose Dr. Khorasani for my muscle sculpting procedure?

Dr. Hooman Khorasani is quadruple board-certified in Dermatology, Cosmetic Surgery, Facial Cosmetic Surgery and Mohs micrographic surgery. Additionally he led the Division of Dermatologic and Cosmetic Surgery at Mount Sinai for 10+ years. His dedication to clinical excellence and constant innovation has led to numerous accolades and publications in premier medical journals. He is considered an international expert in medical body contouring and has spent a majority of his career training the next generation of dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons.

Armed with this advanced clinical and academic competency, Dr. Khorasani carefully crafts a therapy plan for each individual that adheres to the highest standards of medical care and is optimized to produce the greatest results possible. Personalization is infused into every aspect of our practice, from the treatment itself to our highly-skilled office personnel that are available 24/7 to answer any questions or concerns. Together as a team, we can augment your lifestyle efforts to maximally sculpt your muscles and facilitate your ideal silhouette.

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Dr. Khorasani and his highly-specialized team look forward to working with you to transform your medical or aesthetic goals into reality. To expedite a request for a consultation, message us securely, or contact Dr. Khorasani’s Manhattan office by phone at 212-230-3378. For more information about how to get in touch:


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