Post Mohs Reconstruction


Once skin cancer has been removed the patient is left with a defect or “hole” where the cancer used to reside. This defect is physically unsightly and it can be a difficult psychological concept for many patients to manage.

What we can do:

The good news is that the face is very vascular and with time, the body has an amazing ability to heal itself. No surgeon can promise a scarless surgery since scarless surgery is only possible in a human fetus (my main research focus). What we can promise is to hide these scars in ways that are significantly less noticeable. Depending on the size and location of the defect, we often give you stitches the same day. Occasionally we will have to reschedule you for dedicated plastic surgery time. This allows us to spend the appropriate amount of time to focus on a more delicate body part or a larger defect that may require much more time than is available during the original scheduled Mohs surgery.

Staged procedures:

Occasionally, we may decide that you need a graft (skin transplanted in to the defect taken from another site of your body). For optimal results,  we may have to wait a week for your body to begin to heal and increase its vascular bed.

New developments:

We use the latest techniques available in reconstructive surgery to offer you the best care available. For example, PlasmaBlade has the precision of a cold blade with superior hemostasis and significantly lower collateral damage as compared to traditional electrocautery. The reduction in collateral damage allows your body to heal faster and produces less scar tissue.

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