Facial brown spots or discoloration pose a common concern affecting individuals across various age brackets. It's crucial to have new spots assessed by a physician to rule out any potential risks. However, for the majority, these blemishes stem from benign factors like aging, hormonal changes, or past injuries. Despite their harmless nature, they can significantly impact one's confidence in maintaining a flawless appearance. Thankfully, a range of laser treatments exists to address these discolorations, rejuvenating your skin to its natural, radiant state.

Dr. Hooman Khorasani has spent over fifteen years expertly treating brown spots and discoloration, and has actively investigated new therapies for these conditions through a number of research publications. As such, Dr. Khorasani continues to provide cutting-edge treatments that are individualized to each patient, to provide optimal results.

brown spots and discoloration removal procedures include:
Clear & Brilliant Perméa is best suited for those wanting to avoid downtime and is particularly useful for the treatment of mild discoloration.
Fraxel 1927 is designed to correct superficial brown spots and discoloration with the additional benefits of improving skin texture and reducing pore size.
ActiveFX is a powerful laser that treats deep brown spots and discoloration, while also improving the appearance of fine lines.

To create a treatment plan personally tailored to your individual goals, visit Dr. Hooman Khorasani at our New York City practice. To request a consultation, text message us securely, or contact our Manhattan office by phone at 212-230-3378.

What are brown spots or discoloration of the face and body?

Patients of all ages and skin types may be affected by brown spots or discoloration of the face and body. In younger individuals, these dark spots usually occur in areas where acne was previously present and is medically referred to as post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Female patients often suffer from a type of skin discoloration called melasma, which refers to flat tan or brown patches on the face. Melasma is frequently associated with the use of oral contraceptives, pregnancy and sun exposure. In older patients, benign brown spots of the face and body are formally called solar keratosis or solar lentigines, but are colloquially referred to as “wisdom spots.” These spots of wisdom are the result of genetics, natural aging and sun exposure. Although these particular types of brown spots or areas of discoloration are not dangerous, they can be extremely bothersome to patients.

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How are brown spots or areas of discoloration removed?

During your initial consultation, Dr. Khorasani evaluates your brown spots or discoloration to ensure that it is not dangerous to your health. You will be scheduled for treatment once he has determined that the discolored areas are completely benign.

Depending on your individual aesthetic goals and tolerance for down-time after treatment, Dr. Khrorasani will likely use one of the following laser therapies:

Clear & Brilliant Perméa

Clear & Brilliant Perméa is a gentle laser that renews your skin by creating millions of microscopic treatment zones in which damaged cells are replaced with new, healthy cells. Patients with mild melasma (discoloration associated with pregnancy, oral contraceptives and aging) who want to avoid down-time after treatment are best suited for this laser. Additional benefits include an improvement in skin radiance and texture. After each 30 minute treatment, you may experience mild redness or swelling, which typically subsides within a few hours. Patients will start to see results within a few days after the first treatment; however, most individuals will require multiple treatments spaced four to six weeks apart for optimal results. Many of our clients love this device so much that they come in every few months for maintenance therapy.

Fraxel 1927

The Fraxel 1927 laser delivers columns of energy into the superficial layers of the skin. This process both destroys damaged skin cells and stimulates the body’s natural healing process to produce new, healthy skin. This laser is much more powerful than the Clear & Brilliant Perméa and provides enhanced correction of brown spots, discoloration, and an additional bonus of texture improvement. However, this heightened power is associated with a mildly increased down-time following the treatment. The Fraxel 1927 laser is, therefore, best suited for patients who want to aggressively target their dark spots with fewer treatments and can tolerate 5 days of skin redness and peeling.


The ActiveFX laser is the most powerful of therapies available for the correction of dark spots or discoloration. This laser is considered an ablative laser, which means it selectively removes columns of superficial skin layers and stimulates the deeper layers to completely replace these areas with new, healthy skin. This allows for the removal of deep dark spots or discoloration, while also improving the appearance of fine wrinkles and overall skin texture. As always, the improvement in treatment efficacy is associated with prolongation of downtime. However, most patients will require just one of these super-powered treatments to achieve their personalized goals. As such, the ActiveFX laser is most appropriate for patients who desire rapid and long-lasting improvement in their dark spots, wrinkles and texture, but are also able to tolerate several days (about a week) of flaky skin and a few weeks of redness that can be covered-up with makeup.

FAQ's About Brown Spot & Discoloration Removal

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Why choose Dr. Khorasani to remove your brown spots or skin discoloration?

Dr. Hooman Khorasani is a quadruple board-certified, fellowship-trained cosmetic and skin cancer surgeon. He has over ten years of experience treating brown spots and discoloration in patients of all ages and skin types. Furthermore, his passion for treating patients and providing cutting-edge care has led to his active involvement in research investigating the best treatments for these particular skin blemishes. As such, Dr. Khorasani will be able to provide you with a tailored therapy plan that addresses your individual needs and employs the latest advances in laser technology. Additionally, his educated office staff provide personalized care and are available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have before, during and after your laser treatment.

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Dr. Khorasani and his highly-specialized team look forward to working with you to transform your medical or aesthetic goals into reality. To expedite a request for a consultation, message us securely, or contact Dr. Khorasani’s Manhattan office by phone at 212-230-3378. For more information about how to get in touch:


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