November 3, 2019

Great, simply the best! The words great, and the best are so freely used today that I'm not sure what they mean anymore. That being said, I could be a poster child for skin cancer. My first surgery was at the ripe age of 19. Forty three years, over thirty some surgeries, and many Doctors later I can honestly say I have had both great, and not so great doctors. Everyone of those doctors were recommended with the tag that he or she was"great, the best". Dr Khorasani was also recommended to me with the tag, "He's great, the best". After seeing Dr. Khorasani for my first few visits some seven years ago it was clear, Dr. Khorasani was "great"! What separates Dr Khorasani from the best is not only is he top in his field, always on the cutting edge of new procedures, that's a giving. In addition to all that, it's Dr Khorasani, and Dr Khorasani's , staff's bed side manor, starting at the front desk when you first walk in, to the nurses and doctors that work by his side. Dr Khorasani has always taken that extra time to connect with me on a person to person level, making sure I was fully understanding, and comfortable with any of the surgery I was about to have. It is for these reasons I'm happy to say, Dr Khorasani truly is "Great, simply the best"!

October 11, 2019

Dr. Khorasani was so wonderful! I was extremely nervous since I had never received any Botox or Filler before. I was put at ease and everything done looked natural thank goodness! I will come back when it’s needed!!

October 29, 2018

I have known and worked with Dr. Khorasani for over six years, and he has performed both Dermatologic Surgery and Cosmetic procedures on me. He has used Belotero, Botox, Voluma (several treatments), Radiesse, and Restylane. The results have made a significant difference in the natural appearance of my face, and in the way I feel about myself. He also performed upper eyelid surgery (Blephoroplasty), which made an enormous improvement in my appearance; as a side effect, the removal of the "droops" in my eyelids helped to improve my vision! Dr. Khorasani is a remarkable physician and surgeon, and he has my everlasting gratitude.

September 18, 2018

Dr. Khorasani is a true artist! He is both extremely professional and kind, and takes the time to listen to your particular concerns and explore various options for treatment. In my case—as a non-profit worker who also likes to keep wrinkles at bay!—I was facing certain financial limitations, but Dr. Khorasani worked with me to find options that would address my cosmetic concerns while also not going too hard on my wallet. We discussed several options for future treatments addressing separate issues (all the while not sounding pushy or "salesman"-like, and also speaking to me as an actual adult/person capable of understanding the processes, unlike some doctors/aestheticians I've met elsewhere!). As to my Dysport treatment specifically, suffice it to say that this is also the best Dysport treatment I have ever had of several; he used neither too much nor too little (both of which I've had done before, and landed with either little/short-term results or a terrifyingly frozen face!). Right now I am in the midst of another multi-part treatment with Dr. Khorasani (a Sculptra butt lift--which, by the way, also demonstrates what I understand to be Dr. Khorasani's creative leadership in the field). I look forward to the results, which I will happily post here (as it is not on my face) once the treatment is complete. We are also continuing to discuss another possible (and, to my knowledge, quite innovative) procedure, which I look forward to pursuing and hopefully sharing the results of soon!

September 4, 2018

I feel very grateful to have found Dr. Khorasani. I had a challenging skin problem that seemed almost hopeless, until I went to Dr. Khorasani. He and Cindy are exceptionally attentive to patients. They are kind, patient, and caring. Initially, the prospect of trying to address my issue was unnerving but I am so happy that I took this step. Dr. Khorasani has exceeded my highest expectations!

August 21, 2018

Dr. Khorasani is the absolute best!! I am very nervous around doctors and especially around needles, so I never thought I would feel comfortable getting any kind of cosmetic procedure. But Dr. Khorasani was so kind and professional, he made me feel comfortable right away. Now I have seen him multiple times for botox and fillers and I would never trust anyone else. He really listens to your goals and guides you towards the best way to feel your best. He is a true artist with a very natural look, which important to me. I don't have enough good things to say about him. If you are on the fence, just go see him for a consult and you will see for yourself!

August 19, 2018

I have been a Dr Khorasani’s patient for 8 years now. He first treated me for a basil cell skin cancer. When I began to consider doing cosmetic procedures of fillers and botox, I knew he was the only Dr I would trust completely. He was very patient and understanding that I wanted to maintain a natural appearance. He explained everything and never attempted to do more than I was comfortable with. I was totally satisfied with my appearance, and became interested in the Eurothread procedure. Dr Khorasani performed this procedure on me 6 months ago, and the results are amazing! With this minimally-invasive procedure, all signs of aging were eliminated! My experience over the years has been nothing less than extraordinarily positive!

August 15, 2018

I have been using Dr Khourasni for at least 6 years and love him. Most recently I have been going to his new and beautiful Park Avenue office Dr Khourasini is my favorite doctor. He is very professional, explains everything that he is going to do and always suggests what he thinks that I will benefit from the most. He is kind and very honest. He makes suggests but never pushes me into any procedure. I have recommended many people to him and everyone has come back feeling very happy and grateful w/ my recommendation. I think he is the very best cosmetic physician in the city!! I am so lucky that I was referred to him years ago !!!!

August 2, 2018

Dr. Khorasani is a highly skilled and caring Doctor. Always a pleasure to see him.

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