As we age, collagen breaks down in the skin and leads to an overall loss of elasticity. The loss of elasticity also occurs in the ligaments that connect the facial skin to the deeper layers of the face. This results in sagging and wrinkling, causing the face and neck to betray one’s true age. Minimally-invasive treatments are excellent for moderately and temporarily improving the appearance of deep furrows and enhancing the appearance of aesthetically pleasing features like the temples, cheekbones, and jawline. Patients with more advanced signs of aging or those seeking a greater degree of skin elevation may be candidates for surgical face and neck lifts. This traditional procedure provides maximal, durable lift of the skin to optimally restore the natural contours of your face and neck. The result? A complexion that looks as young as you feel.

Dr. Hooman Khorasani is a quadruple board-certified cosmetic surgeon who has spent over ten years helping patients banish unwanted signs of aging so that their outside appearance reflects their youthful spirit! This extensive experience coupled with Dr. Khorasani’s commitment to procedural perfection directly benefits each patient, as your individualized treatment plan is carefully customized to provide you with optimal cosmetic results.

To find out if a surgical face and neck lift can rejuvenate your appearance, visit Dr. Hooman Khorasani at our New York City practice. To request a consultation, text message us securely, or contact our Manhattan office by phone at 212-230-3378.

What is a surgical face and neck lift?

The main purpose of a face and neck lift is to restore a youthful jawline and eliminate sagging in the neck. A surgical face and neck lift involves reshaping the foundation of the face by carefully molding the layer under the skin, which is called fascia. Once the fascia is molded by strategically placed sutures, the redundant skin is redraped and the extra skin is trimmed off. This process eliminates sagging jowls, laxity in the neck and softens the nasolabial folds. To ensure maximal safety and comfort, this procedure, also known as a rhytidectomy and platysmaplasty, is performed in a certified operating room and requires the use of general anesthesia.

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What are the benefits of a surgical face and neck lift?

Manipulating the skin with surgical-level techniques allows for the most effective elevation and relocation. Consequently, the improvements in the signs of aging and profile contouring are both dramatic and durable. This procedure, therefore, wipes decades off your face and neck and sustains this reversal of time for up to ten years.

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What are the limitations of a surgical face and neck lift?

Although surgery does provide the most significant and long-lasting degree of lift, this procedure is associated with more risks and complications than less invasive treatments. Additionally, patients must be able to tolerate a two to four week recovery period following surgery. Thread lifts or energy-based skin tightening treatments may be more appropriate for risk-averse patients, as these therapies provide mild to moderate rejuvenation with negligible adverse effects and downtime. Please visit our Non-Surgical Face and Neck Lift and Skin Tightening pages to determine if these minimally-invasive procedures are more aligned with your aesthetic goals, lifestyle constraints, and health profile.

Surgical lifting does not address the fine lines, discoloration, or texture abnormalities associated with the passage of time. Patients seeking to comprehensively improve the wide array of age-induced skin changes may want to consider adding laser skin resurfacing to their face and neck lift to address the skin’s texture and quality. Please visit our Laser Skin Resurfacing page to determine if our modern laser therapies can help maximally rejuvenate and refresh your skin.

In addition, a facelift does not provide significant volume correction. Adding volume to the face can further enhance the cheekbones and camouflage under eye bags. This additional volume will result in a facelift that appears more natural and avoids the “pulled” look. To learn more about how to address volume loss and further improve your facial contour, visit our Face Contouring and Fat Transfer pages for further details regarding each of these innovative therapies.

Finally, a surgical facelift does not correct excess skin under the eyes, bags under the eyes, or puffy lower lids. These concerns can be rectified with an Eyelid Surgery called blepharoplasty, which you can read more about here.

How is a surgical face and neck lift performed?

Performing this highly-effective surgery requires the use of general anesthesia in a certified operating room to ensure your comfort and safety. Following sedation, Dr. Khorasani utilizes a traditional face and neck lift technique to provide you with maximal lift and contouring. This involves forming an incision that starts above the ears and terminates at the base of the neck. Artfully placed incisions ensure that there is minimal hair loss at the hairline.

As with any surgical procedure, scarring is unavoidable; however, this particular approach allows for the scars to be camouflaged within the hairline and the curvature of the ears. Furthermore, the incision sites are strategically placed so that the ear is not distorted. The substructure of the face is then molded and the skin is draped over the newly shaped youthful foundation and the incisions are closed with self absorbing sutures. The result? A refreshed, tight facial contour with scars that are appropriately hidden around the ear that even the most critical eyes will not visibly detect.

How much time is required to perform a surgical face and neck lift?

Expertly molding and lifting the skin usually requires approximately four to six hours to complete; however, please allocate an additional two to three hours to prepare for anesthesia and to fully regain consciousness from the procedure. In total, expect to be with us for approximately seven to eight hours on the day of surgery.

FAQ's About Face & Neck Lifts

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Why choose Dr. Khorasani for my surgical face and neck lift?

Dr. Hooman Khorasani is considered a national expert in the field of facial lifting. In fact he is the chief editor of the surgical textbook “Advanced Lifting,” which is dedicated to face, neck and eye lifts (in press, fall of 2020).

Dr. Khorasani is a triple board-certified, fellowship-trained cosmetic surgeon who used his expertise to lead the Division of Dermatologic and Cosmetic Surgery at Mount Sinai for over ten years. As a dermatologic surgeon with cosmetic fellowship training, Dr. Khorasani achieves excellent, natural results for his facelift patients. Repairing over 16,000 skin defects related to skin cancers has provided him with an unparalleled skin closure technique. His extensive research focus on scarring has uniquely positioned him in the field of scar treatment, including facelift scars. His dedication to clinical excellence and constant innovation has led to numerous accolades, multiple publications in premier medical journals, and the production of a widely-used cosmetic surgery manual.

He is considered an international expert in surgical and non-surgical face and body contouring and has spent the majority of his career training the next generation of cosmetic surgeons. Dr. Khorasani is the Chair of a global cosmetic education course dedicated to teaching the next generation of surgeons in advanced lifting procedures using cadaver models. For the past 9 years, medical professionals from all around the world attend Dr. Khorasani’s cosmetic course each spring, in order to gain hands-on experience in advance lifting.

Armed with this advanced surgical and academic competency, Dr. Khorasani carefully crafts a therapy plan for each individual that adheres to the highest standards of medical care and is optimized to produce the greatest results possible. Personalization is infused into every aspect of our practice, from the treatment itself to our highly-trained office personnel that are available 24/7 to answer any questions or concerns. Together as a team, we can help you say good-bye to wrinkly, saggy skin and hello to a firm, youthful profile!

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