As we age, our skin undergoes substantial changes on a microscopic level, including decreased collagen production and diminished beneficial fat reservoirs. These alterations are responsible for the development of fine wrinkles, deep furrows, sagging, and reduced prominence of aesthetically pleasing features. Traditionally, correction of these unwanted signs of aging required invasive surgery to physically cut and reposition the skin. Fortunately, advances in technology have led to the invention of non-surgical, FDA-approved thread lifts that can help tackle these issues to restore the youthful contouring of your face and neck.

Dr. Khorasani performs non-surgical face and neck lifts using the following threads:

An area of constant study and research, modern thread lifts have undergone novel structural changes to maximize their safety and cosmetic efficacy. Each thread possesses surgical-grade strength, which allows for instantaneous lift of the targeted area; however, new generation sutures are composed of an absorbable material to mitigate the complications associated with the first iteration of thread lifts. In addition to ensuring maximal safety, the biodegradable structure of contemporary threads also stimulates the production of new, healthy collagen to restore the skin’s natural elasticity.

Armed with an arsenal of non-invasive face and neck lifting threads, Dr. Khorasani can help you counteract the effects of gravity and age to elevate the brow, restore cheek contour, soften smile lines and nasolabial folds, improve jowl lift, and reduce neck crepiness. Regardless of your particular aesthetic objective, we will work with you as a team to transform your goals into reality.

To find out if a non-surgical face and neck lift can give you a renewed and refreshed look, visit Dr. Hooman Khorasani at our New York City practice. To request a consultation, message us securely, or contact Dr. Khorasani’s Manhattan office by phone at 347-574-8500.

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What is a non-surgical face and neck lift?

Contrary to traditional surgical lifts of the face and neck, thread lifts utilize specialized sutures to non-invasively elevate the skin to restore youthful smoothness and contouring. Thread lifts are composed of a biodegradable substance with excellent tensile strength. This particular formulation allows for an immediate lift of the targeted areas without the risk and complications associated with more invasive surgeries or first-generation thread lifts. As the threads are naturally absorbed by the body over the course of several months, they stimulate the production of new, healthy collagen to sustain the initial lifting effects.

What areas of the face and neck can be treated with non-surgical thread lifts?

These versatile threads can be used to counteract an array of age-related changes on the face and neck. Introduction of these specialized threads in the forehead serves to elevate the brows and diminish the appearance of heavy furrows in the area. The benefits of threads inserted near the temple is three-fold: improved contouring of the cheek, softened smile and marionette lines, and elevated jowls. Finally, threads placed in the neck restore its youthful profile and reduce deep wrinkles.

Please note that this lifting procedure does not address the fine lines, discoloration, or texture irregularities associated with the passage of time. Patients seeking to comprehensively improve the wide array of age-induced skin changes may want to consider adding laser skin resurfacing to their non-surgical thread lift. Please visit our Laser Skin Resurfacing page to determine if our modern, non-invasive laser therapies can help maximally rejuvenate and refresh your skin.

What are the benefits of a non-surgical face and neck thread lift?

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The multitude of benefits in this non-invasive treatment are substantial. Non-invasive thread lifts visibly lift and contour the skin within a single safe, convenient, and cost-effective procedure. Implementing structural changes to the thread lift sutures has greatly improved it’s safety profile, such that the risks and complications associated with this procedure are minimal. Formulary modifications aside, thread lifts avoid the dangers associated with general anesthesia, as this procedure is performed in-office with local injections of numbing medication. Additionally, this non-invasive procedure requires less than two hours to complete and incurs little to no downtime. As such, this non-surgical thread lift is optimally suited to rejuvenate the face and neck of patients with busy professional and personal lives. Finally, thread-based face and neck lifts cost a small fraction of the price of traditional surgical lifts.

Please note, however, that the results of a face and neck thread lift are much more subtle and less durable than those achieved with surgery. In most cases patients need to repeat this procedure every two years to keep up with the aging process.

What types of threads are used for non-surgical face and neck lifts?

Committed to providing the least invasive and most effective procedures to his patients, Dr. Khorasani is pleased to offer Silhouette InstaLift and EuroThreads to lift your face and neck without the risks of more invasive surgery. Depending on the desired aesthetic results, one or both of these specialized threads will be used during your non-surgical face or neck lift. Rest assured that the recommended thread combination capitalizes on Dr. Khorasani’s extensive experience rejuvenating the skin and is individually selected to optimize your cosmetic outcome.

Silhouette InstaLift

These proprietary threads are composed of poly-L-lactic acid and glycolide polymer, twobiodegradable substances that stimulate the production of collagen. These compounds are woven together to form a single suture that is enhanced by the placement of small cones and knots. This unique structure maximally lifts the targeted area while simultaneously provoking a wide-scale increase in collagen production to prolong the results of the procedure.


EuroThread sutures contain a different absorbable compound called polydioxanone. The malleability of this polymer allows it to be packaged in a variety of formulations, including: smooth, barbed, and twisted. Smooth threads are best suited for the correction of decreased skin elasticity, barbed threads are excellent for softening wrinkles, and twisted threads are optimized to restore lost volume.

How is a non-surgical face and neck thread lift performed?

Prior to treatment, Dr. Khorasani will meticulously mark the thread insertion points and the proposed trajectory with a specialized surgical pen. Small entry sites (ports) are then created in an inconspicuous location to allow the threads to be inserted under the skin. Each port site will be thoroughly numbed with an injectable medication to ensure maximum comfort. Following anesthetization, the thread is introduced into the port using a thin cannula (a hollow, blunt tube) and slowly advanced until it reaches the predetermined end point. Dr. Khorasani will then manipulate the skin overlying the thread to elevate and contour the treatment area in a manner that complements your natural silhouette. After ensuring optimal placement of the threads and skin, the visible tails are snipped and the procedure is complete.

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