As with most things in life, a collaborative team of people produces greater results than an individual working alone. As the saying goes, “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” Consequently, Dr. Hooman Khorasani has cultivated a group of healthcare professionals that work together to facilitate an optimal experience for each patient. Assembling this wholly patient-centered team required multiple years to complete, as it was imperative for Dr. Khorasani that his staff be positioned to provide each patient with the expert level care they deserve. The members of this carefully curated group were hand-picked for their compassion, dedication, and knowledge to ensure all patients receive personalized and comprehensive treatment.

Our boutique practice strives to incorporate the principles of the Khorasani family: every person is unique and valued; as such, warrants individualized attention and care. Patients are more than just a name on a schedule, as our healthcare team is sincerely invested in understanding and addressing your personal needs. Limiting the number of appointments each day guarantees that all patients are given ample opportunity for the application and execution of this critical practice principle. Additionally, this purposefully reduced patient volume allows our highly-skilled personnel to allocate to each person the time they deserve to answer any questions or concerns. These measures were enacted to permanently prevent our practice from acquiring the factory-like ambience that may be associated with other medical offices. Rather, we emphasize that each patient is like a member of our own family for which we aim to provide the highest level of individualized medical care and support.

We are proud to have Cindy, Bea, and Sarah as part of our team, as their passion and skills are essential in ensuring the practice embodies the medical and ethical standards championed by Dr. Khorasani.

Cindy Khorasani

The decision for Cindy Khorasani and Dr. Khorasani to work together professionally was inspired by over sixteen years of successful collaboration between the couple on all other aspects of life. As such, after several years of planning, Cindy transitioned from the Director of Finance and Accounting at a hedge fund to managing Dr. Khorasani’s medical and cosmetic practice. Capitalizing on her MBA from the University of Southern California and extensive professional experience, she has developed a warm, modern, and efficient office that allows the patient to be the primary focus. Complementing this business skill set is her plethora of medical knowledge gleaned from years of supporting Dr. Khorasani during his undergraduate education and beyond. As such, she is uniquely positioned to address patient questions and concerns while simultaneously ensuring the practice infrastructure is designed to facilitate superior care.

Aside from her impressive credentials, Cindy is a highly dedicated and passionate practice manager who strives to deliver a personalized medical or cosmetic experience to all patients. Going above and beyond is the norm for Cindy, as she considers it her moral responsibility to carefully address every individual concern and provide holistic care to each person. Consequently, she exerts great effort to welcome all patients, guide them through their visit and associated procedures, and ensure their needs are met even after leaving the office.

Sarah Najjar Medical Assistant to Dr. Hooman Khorasani

Sarah Najjar

Sarah Najjar is a valuable member of our Medical Assistant team. She graduated from Wake Forest University with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, with minors in Chemistry, Biology, and Middle East and South East Asian studies. Prior to joining our team, Sarah gained valuable clinical experience in the Radiology and NICU departments at Wake Forest Baptist Health Hospital, as well as Orthopedics at the Hospital for Special Surgery. In addition, Sarah served as a medical assistant at a very busy GoHealth Urgent Care clinic in New York.

Sarah’s additional talents include speaking fluent Moroccan Arabic (Darija), and she has a strong proficiency in French. Spending a significant amount of time in Morocco inspired Sarah’s desire to one day become a physician, as her passion is to help those with limited access to healthcare. Sarah’s empathetic nature, outstanding organization skills, and previous clinical experience have well equipped her to assist Dr. Khorasani as a compassionate and dedicated medical assistant.

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