Spilling a Surgeon’s Secrets: Meet Cindy Khorasani

If there’s one thing that’s easy to find in New York City, it’s a cosmetic surgeon. Especially on Park Avenue. What’s not so easy to find is one with a wife and partner who has been the number one patient, and is here to spill all his secrets. But then, there are very few people in this world like Cindy Khorasani.

Dr. Hooman Khorasani may be the name of the practice, but Cindy is the face. In fact, one look at her flawless face and you’d never have known she spent more than a decade smoking, sun-worshipping, and enjoying her youth to the fullest! In the more than 16 years that Dr. Khorasani and Cindy have been together, she has been his willing test subject, and that personal experience is one of the value adds that truly sets their practice apart.

The pair met in Los Angeles when they were in their 20s. Cindy was passionate about her finance career, and Dr. Khorasani was in medical school. It was not a straight path that led them to a partnership in a high-end, private practice in Manhattan, but it was a road that was built with years of hard work, commitment to each other, and belief in a practice that could bring both world-class precision with a genuine warmth and concierge-level service.

Customized Care is the Cornerstone

"I witnessed a lack of compassionate, comprehensive care that I believe people really need and deserve. People want to feel taken care of- even after they leave the office," she said. "I know how deeply Dr. K cares for his patients, and even if he doesn’t want to bring work home, he cannot turn it off. Our patients become an extension of our family. This comprehensive care is critical to the service that we offer. Not only do our patients choose us, we choose them too."

After two pregnancies and decades of enjoying life to the fullest, Cindy is the first to admit that Dr. Khorasani has been able to turn back the clock- numerous times! But she is also able to speak first-hand at Dr. Khorasani’s compassion and bedside manner. A few years ago she was diagnosed with skin cancer, and Dr. Khorasani was the one who caught it, removed it, and reconstructed it. Living through that experience has added a whole other level of compassion when it comes to working with patients who are living through it, as well. And when it comes to Cindy’s “before & after,” you’d hardly be able to tell that she’s had any work done at all — a testament to their ethos that less is more.

“I have access to the greatest technology with one of the best surgeons in the world that I trust wholeheartedly. Why wouldn't I try it? We have zero interest in offering a treatment to patients to make a quick buck. We don't like to pull the trigger on offering certain procedures until we are confident they actually work," she said. “We want people to tell you that you look fantastic, instead of asking you what work you’ve had done. When it’s blatantly obvious what has been done, it’s not good work. When I walk down the street and see a beautiful woman who is trying to look 20 years younger and is stuffed with filler….it is so sad, because you know she spent a fortune to look that way, and it actually makes her look older! “Less is more” is our philosophy for a reason... because everyone is beautiful, and often, it’s enhancing what is unique, that makes one’s beauty shine the most. When the goal is to look like anyone other than the best version of you, is when you get a lousy outcome.”

Less is More

Highlighting each individual’s natural beauty is the essence of their philosophy. It’s about personalization, tailoring the experience to each patient. And it starts at the beginning from the moment you step into the entrance of their Park Avenue practice. The lobby itself is impressive, for sure, with white, gleaming marble, a stack of Vogue anthologies, and shiny, gold Art Deco accents. But it’s the first encounter with Cindy that really sets the experience apart. All smiles and warmth, it’s like showing up to a dinner party of a friend you’ve known for years. Trust and comfort are two of the most important components when finding the right cosmetic surgeon’s office, and with Cindy the connection is effortless.  

Yes, Dr. Khorasani is a triple board-certified cosmetic surgeon with more than a decade of experience. That is vital to an A-list cosmetic dermatology practice. But it’s Cindy’s personal experience with nearly everything on the menu that really sets their practice apart. When asking her to list the treatments she has tried, her response is, “It’s faster to tell you the ones I haven’t.” With first-hand knowledge not only of undergoing the treatments themselves, but with the recovery process and after effects, what Cindy brings to the table is a fresh, honest perspective on exactly what each patient should expect. Sugar-coating is not part of her mantra.

"Surgeons are notorious for downplaying recovery times," she said. "It's critical to manage patients' expectations- always, but especially with respect to recoveries. Everyone has a different story with different needs," she said. "I tell it like it is."

Connecting with patients is her greatest joy and biggest passion. Dr. Khorasani works his transformative magic in the OR. Cindy handles everything else, and she does so with ease and grace. It’s her love to be able to share her experiences behind each procedure she’s had, and help to manage expectations for patients.

“We have numerous patients that come in for a treatment, but want to keep it discreet from their friends and family, so I tell them how to minimize recovery times, and how to plan accordingly to navigate social events and commitments.”

Patients Are More Than Just a Number

The experience with the Khorasanis doesn’t end when you exit their practice. You’ve joined a new family. Their practice is small, and highly tailored. When working with a cosmetic surgeon, you’re handing your body over to a stranger, essentially. There should be zero surprises. You should feel like the only person in the room and on their minds. And that’s exactly how Cindy does.

"I have the need as a mother and as a human to take care of people. I enjoy it and I am good at it. I love interacting with patients. The caliber of people you meet, especially in New York City- is fascinating," she said. "I've met people of all professions, all walks of life. Everyone has an interesting story- and I truly enjoy getting to know the people we take care of. When you know your patients well, it is easier to provide services that truly are of value to them. Dr. K can work his magic, but the following up before, during, and after is my job. People want to know they aren't just a number- and in our practice, they truly are what make us happy to wake up to go to work each day."

Insider Tips from Cindy

  • Hands, neck, and chest can be a dead giveaway of your age. The skin in these areas is very thin, almost like under eye skin. It’s important to exfoliate these areas the same as you would your face. Apply moisturizer and sunscreen.
  • Neck bands, or Platysmal bands, can show up as we age, as well. A little Botox in the neck can hide these bands and take 10 years off.
  • Veins in the hands can be a giveaway of age, as well. To camouflage this you can get hyaluronic acid fillers in your hands. It lasts about a year and fills the top of your hands with a nice, youthful plump.

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Spilling a Surgeon’s Secrets: Meet Cindy Khorasani

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