Why Brazilian Butt Lifts Have Such a High Satisfaction Rate

Everything you need to know about the Brazilian Butt Lift

While your backside isn’t an area you can personally see very well, you may still be unhappy with how it looks to others. When gravity and age start cause sagging in your rear, it can be difficult to get this area back in shape through regular exercise and a good diet.

For this reason, the Brazilian butt lift is becoming an increasingly popular procedure for rejuvenating the buttocks and helping you achieve a fuller, well-toned, younger-looking butt.

The Brazilian butt lift technique

The BBL procedure essentially relocates fat from areas where you don’t want it into your buttocks to reshape and lift sagging areas of skin. Typically, your doctor extracts fat from your abdomen, back, or thighs using a traditional liposuction procedure and then processes the fat before re-injecting it into your backside.

Expert cosmetic surgeon Dr. Hooman Khorasani creates a custom treatment plan with you to address specific areas that need attention. Here’s why so many patients love their Brazilian butt lift:

Bounce back faster than other treatments

While a Brazilian butt lift is a surgical procedure, it’s generally performed on an outpatient basis. After a few hours of recovery, you can expect to go home and heal.

To ensure the proper distribution and settling of the fat grafts in your buttocks, you must avoid putting pressure on the treated areas for at least two weeks. This means not sitting or doing strenuous exercise until you’re cleared by Dr. Khorasani.

Otherwise, you can expect to resume most of your normal activities without limitation after about six weeks, based on your speed of healing and overall health.

Satisfying results

Many prefer the results of the Brazilian butt lift over other enhancement procedures, such as implants. While some of the injected fat may be reabsorbed by your body, you still retain as much as 80% of the new fat to ensure a long-lasting shape.

By using your own fat in the BBL method, you are at much less risk for health complications, such as allergies or intolerance. With butt implants, you may face increased risk for complications over time, such as nerve damage, infection, or movement of the implants.  

You can expect optimal results of your Brazilian butt lift within just three months of your procedure. It takes time for the injected fat to settle into place and enhance your natural assets.

Bonus benefits

Not only does a Brazilian butt lift enhance your backside, the procedure also gives you the added benefit of fat reduction in trouble areas. The extracted fat used for injection into your buttocks gives you a well-balanced, nicely proportioned figure. Your clothes fit better, and you can enjoy a boost of confidence in your overall appearance.

You also can enjoy a better shaped body free of noticeable scars from surgery. The injection areas aren’t visible after treatment, and the liposuction procedure requires only small incisions to access the deposits of fat.

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