Why Use Kybella vs. Liposuction?

Aging naturally is a beautiful part of life. Still, there are some parts of aging that we could do without. Even with a robust workout regimen, a healthy diet, and plenty of water, pockets of fat can still spring up, and, as we get older, can be even more stubborn to remove.

While liposuction is what often comes to mind as the go-to procedure for stubborn fat, Kybella® is a non-invasive, non-surgical cosmetic procedure that is painless, fast, and dramatically effective for removing unwanted fat.

If you're interested in redefining your jawline and profile without surgery, Kybella may be the treatment for you.

What is Kybella®?

To put it simply: it’s natural. Kybella, also known as deoxycholic acid, is a naturally occurring substance stored in the gallbladder — and it can be used to dissolve unwanted fat. 

Traditionally, biologically, this acid is called upon every time we feast on a deliciously fatty meal. After we eat, the acid is released in the gut and is sent to dissolve the fat we just consumed. That’s how it works on the most basic biological level.

In terms of cosmetic dermatology, researchers figured out that this acid could also be used to dissolve fat outside of the gut. Today it acts as the first FDA-approved substance to help dissolve fat cells, specifically in the area underneath the chin. 

Kybella vs. Liposuction

Traditionally, liposuction is the procedure we're most accustomed to hearing about when it comes to fat removal. Liposuction is still a great option. However, some patients may prefer Kybella simply because the procedure is as simple as it is.

Liposuction requires more of a time commitment to remove fat, while Kybella can be done quickly, in the office, in about 30 minutes. Some patients still prefer liposuction to Kybella because the recovery time for liposuction is a little less than that of Kybella, and it’s a one time procedure. Kybella usually requires a minimum of two treatments.

Liposuction of the Neck by Dr. Hooman Khorasani

How does Kybella work?

Similar to Botox, Kybella is a liquid. It is painlessly injected under the skin into the fatty tissue below the chin. Then it gets to work, acting like a detergent to dissolve the fat cells and breaking up their cellular membrane. Once the fat cells are dissolved, the immune system kicks in to come clean up the debris of these cells. 

During the treatment visit, Dr. Khorasani will mark the areas to be treated and overlay it with a grid-like pattern stencil. The treatment area is numbed, and then each section of the grid receives a small injection of Kybella directly into the fat cells.

Most patients will require two to five treatments, spaced six weeks apart. The result? A more defined chin and profile, and an invigorating boost of self-confidence. The best part? The area will remain fat-free forever.

Kybella Recovery 

The beauty of Kybella is that it is a non-invasive procedure performed from the comfort of Dr. Khorasani’s office. It's fast, pain-free, and patients begin to see results within 12 weeks. The full effects, however, can take anywhere from four to five months to appear.

The most common side effects are inflammation of the area, which includes swelling, redness, and heat. Usually two weeks in, most of these symptoms resolve.

Can Kybella be used in other areas?

Right now Kybella is only FDA approved to be used underneath the chin and neck, or the submental area. However, it is routinely used by dermatologists in our community, in other parts of the body, and it is just as safe and effective. 

With this particular version of Kybella, Dr. Khorasani can target other bothersome areas, like the region below the buttocks crease, the fold behind the bra strap, or the crease of the armpit. For patients using liposuction in larger parts of the body, Kybella can also be used to help fine-tune more localized areas in a non-invasive way. If there is an irregularity following a liposuction treatment, or an area of the body that may need just a touch more attention, Kybella can be used directly in those areas to further remove fat.

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Am I a good candidate for Kybella?

The ideal candidate for Kybella treatments is someone who has minimal to moderate amounts of fat, as well as good skin elasticity. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, Kybella is not recommended. 

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Why Use Kybella vs. Liposuction?

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