Start SculpSure Treatments Now and Be Swimsuit-Ready by Summer

Get Rid of Unwanted Fat with SculpScure

As you grow older, lose weight, or experience hormonal changes common in pregnancy and menopause, your body stores excess deposits of fat, whether you like it or not. This fat is often very difficult to lose, even if you stick with a healthy eating plan and get regular exercise.

Stubborn deposits of fat used to require invasive procedures, such as liposuction, to eliminate them effectively. But thanks to developments in technology, you can now permanently get rid of stubborn fat without a single incision using the popular SculpSure® system.

As winter approaches and you’re already thinking about hitting the beach when summer comes around, now’s the time to start your SculpSure treatments with Dr. Hooman Khorasani. Amazing swimsuit-ready results are possible within a few months.

How SculpSure tackles fat

SculpSure uses painless laser energy to destroy the structure of your fat cells that reside below your skin, permanently damaging them without harming the surrounding tissue. Those damaged cells then leave your body as waste in the months after treatment, effectively slimming your figure over time with no follow-up care required.

Dr. Khorasani carefully controls the laser energy, targeting only the areas of treatment you need to reach your desired goals. The procedure is painless and requires no anesthesia or downtime.

Additionally, the SculpSure technology offers the additional benefit of improving the health of your skin. The laser energy triggers the production of new, healthy collagen below your skin to enhance your complexion and give you a younger, more refreshed look.

Fat Reduction using Sculptra & PRP Cellulite Reduction Case

The results are worth the wait

The process of breaking down and eliminating dead fat cells doesn’t happen overnight. But in the first few weeks following your SculpSure treatments, you notice a dramatic slimming of your natural figure. The fat continues breaking down, and within 3-4 months, you see the optimum results, with a significant reduction in stubborn fat deposits.

While you await your final results, you can continue to do the things you usually do, without any limitations on your activities or need for recovery.

Enjoy long-term fat loss

Once you reach adulthood, your body contains a set amount of fat cells. When you gain or lose weight, you are gaining or losing volume in those cells.

With SculpSure treatments, the laser energy destroys the targeted fat cells. This offers you permanent results that you can maintain forever, as long as you keep up a good diet and exercise program. Once those cells are gone, they’re gone for good — allowing you to enjoy a slimmer, sleeker figure for years to come.

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Prepare for summer success

If you want the best summer body ever, get started on your treatments now so you’re ready in time for swimsuit season. SculpSure can sometimes provide you with your desired results after one treatment, but you also may want to target multiple areas on your body.

Dr. Khorasani creates a custom treatment plan that addresses your cosmetic goals. He reviews your medical history to ensure SculpSure is the best fat-reduction option for you. The noninvasive laser system is highly effective on different body and skin types; as long as you’re in good overall health, you can benefit from the treatments.

If you start treatments now, your trimmer, more sculpted body will be ready when summer finally makes its reappearance. You’ll have no scars to worry about and can enjoy the many benefits SculpSure offers for many seasons to come.

To request a consultation, message us securely, or contact Dr. Khorasani’s Manhattan office by phone at 212-230-3378. Also check out our Non-surgical Fat Reduction page and our Muscle Sculpting page for more information!

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Start SculpSure Treatments Now and Be Swimsuit-Ready by Summer

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